Universal Waterproof Fuse Box Relay Panel distribution Cooper Bussmann Off Road

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Free main fuse with holder On sale now!!!!! Reg $139.99 ****LIFETIME WARRANTY****
Ready to ship! Currently only in Black loom!!! Hundreds sold. Proven delivered quality and warranty!! Dont be fooled by imitators!!! Many years selling this product!! 100% POSITIVE Feedback for a reason!!!! Includes: 1- Fuse/ relay box with cover 2- Mounting brackets 5- Relays 5- 30 Amp fuses 5- 15 Amp fuses 15- Uninsulated Butt connectors Heat shrink tubbing to make waterproof connections Extra fuses for customization 3- 24″ Expandable loom heat and chemical resistant (black loom) Wires come with watertight seals, and 10 plugs making the box completely watertight!!! 
 Pos. wire is 8 GA +- 36″ long ( BEWARE of people using 10 GA or smaller wire as POS wire) Pos and Neg wires can be made up to 10′ for an additional price! Neg. wire is 12 GA +- 36″ long Accessories wires are 12 GA +- 36″ long Switch/ trigger wires are 16 GA +- 36″ long Fused/ non Relay wires are 16 GA +- 36″ long Mounting instructions Wiring diagram High quality High Temperature Cross Linked TXL automotive wire that meets and or exceeds automotive specifications. • All the wires are neatly wrapped in high quality loom for a professional look. Not just messy wires with just a zip tie, which defeats the whole purpose of using this Relay box. I can also make it neg. switched. Email me prior purchase for details. Well, you could install individual wiring harnesses and have a spaghetti-like mess of wires crawling off of your poor battery. You could also spend $400-$600 for a high end solution, such as an SPOD or Switch Pros setup. Or, if you’re like me, you might just be happy with a lower priced, but well thought out system….such as can be found in the Waterproof Fuse Relay Box. Waterproof Fuse Relay Box is the best option to control your accessories and clean your messy vehicle wiring for a low affordable price!” The Waterproof Fuse Relay Box (which from here on out, I’ll lovingly refer to as WFRB) is a no frills, yet very capable method for installing a variety of switched and/or always on electronic accessories in your vehicle. It’s simply a waterproof box that has fuses and relays. Five relays, and ten fuses, to be precise. Actually, there are eleven fuses, if you consider the main 60 amp fuse that ties the positive lead to the battery and protects the whole setup. The five 30 amp fuses are tied to the five relay circuits for your switched accessories, and the five 15 amp fuses are for your constant 12v circuits that are always hot. Those are default values of course, and you really should make sure that your fuse amperage is adjusted as necessary for whatever it is you are wiring. Looking at the under side the WFRB gives you a sense of the attention to detail that goes into making it. Besides it’s artistic flow of carefully bundled colored wires, you can see the great care in the waterproof plugs used for the wired connections and the empty holes in the box. You’ll notice right away that there are two wires of each color. One is 12 gauge, and that’s to connect to whatever auxiliary component you wish to power with a switch – a light bar for example – and the other is a 16 gauge wire that would be run to a switch. The color coding makes it easy for install. Red switch wire controls the red accessory. Easy, right? There are five additional 16 gauge wires for the constant 12v accessories, like a CB, that you might want to always have power, even when the vehicle is off. The total simultaneous load on the relay/fuse should not exceed about 80 amps. I test every single unit before they shipped to ensure you wont have any issues…If you want more than one just contact me and ill make them for you!!!! … 
Why pay more for the exact same product? Just go and check my reviews from previous customers!!!!! Dimensions : 4.5” L x 3.25” W x 5” H 
NOTE: MAKE SURE ITEM Fits prior purchase. 

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